Mary T. McCarthy Lectures: "Beachcombing and History at Dead Horse Bay" & "Fake, Genuine, and Seeded Sea Glass"

Earl Warren Showgrounds - Earl Warren Hall - Community Room

Saturday, September 9th 12pm-1pm

Beachcombing and History at Dead Horse Bay

Dead Horse Bay is a National Park beach in Brooklyn, New York rich with history. Technically it's forbidden to take artifacts from the beach because of the national park status, but the beach is covered in thousands of broken bottles and tons of trash. What are the ethical beachcombing issues involved in sites like this and Fort Bragg, California? Mary will discuss history and historic finds from Dead Horse Bay, including an exhibit of found objects.

Sunday, September 10th 10:30am-11:30pm

Fake, Genuine, and Seeded Sea Glass  

EBay and Etsy and Facebook, oh my! There is so much sea glass for sale online, how can buyers tell whether what they are buying online is real or fake? How much of what is being found on beaches has been thrown into the ocean by people who want to find it later? Does it matter? This lecture explores ways to tell the differences between genuine sea, fake, and seeded sea glass, including an exhibit of sample fakes.

Mary McCarthy is a bestselling author and founder of SeaCrate ocean-themed subscription box service. As a lifelong journalist, she's written for Katie Couric and appeared on The Today Show, Huffington Post Live and ABC TV news. An instructor for The Writer’s Center in Washington, D.C., Mary is a columnist and Contributing Editor for Glassing magazine and speaks at beachcombing conferences around the country. She is a board member and Education Chair for the North American Sea Glass Association. A mother of four, she enjoys kayaking and sea glass hunting on the Chesapeake Bay. Browse through a collection of articles she's written and follow her sea glass finds in real time on Instagram @marytmccarthy