Talented Artists Come from Near and Far to Participate in One-Of-Kind SoCal Art Festival

Santa Barbara, California · August 9, 2016

The American Riviera will be abuzz with creativity as artists from all across the country come to the Santa Barbara Sea Glass & Ocean Arts Festival to display and sell their unique, handmade, ocean-themed and genuine sea glass art.

Held on September 10th & 11th, 2016 at the Earl Warren Showgrounds, the Festival is the only one of its kind in Southern California, and one of three on the west coast, attracting thousands of sea glass lovers and art enthusiasts to the renowned coastal jewel of Santa Barbara. It brings together a selection of over 40 artists from coastal communities across the country. Maine, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, Washington, and Oregon are represented with just over half of the artists coming from California – half of those from Santa Barbara County.

Delia Bonfilio and Elizabeth Gallery, are two local artists celebrated for their special contributions, both of which will be included in the Raffles to benefit Explore Ecology – the 2016 Giving Back recipient. Bonfilio, an experienced visual communications designer from NYC who lives in Carpinteria, created the Special Edition Design to commemorate the 2016 Festival. “Merissa” is this year’s mermaid mascot, representing ocean artists – passionate about their work and protectors of the environment. Gallery is an award winning mosaic artist and Santa Barbara native who is creating a custom made piece of art using sea glass and reuse materials provided by Art From Scrap – an Explore Ecology program.  

Head over to the Santa Barbara Sea Glass & Ocean Arts Festival and SEA how the love of our nation’s coastline unites and inspires these artists.

"I traveled to the Pacific Ocean recently, for my first time, and was inspired by the beauty of it. When I saw the show in SB, I knew it was something I had to be a part of. Where my art and sea glass is all made and found on the east coast, I wanted to share my east coast inspirations with my new found love of my west coast inspirations. Can’t wait!" – Arlene Nebbia, Eliot, Maine

"The coast in Santa Barbara county is one of my biggest inspirations for the art I create. From the creatures to the colors and patterns found seaside, one simple beach walk can open up weeks of creativity for me. I’d like to think my art brings those wonderful feelings of the sea to everyday life (especially if a walk to the beach isn’t possible!) I chose the Santa Barbara Sea Glass & Ocean Arts Festival because I consider it a celebration of this beautiful piece of the coast we all get to enjoy! Looking forward to September!" – Christine Brand, Carpinteria, California